My son had reoccurring colds. I was looking around for different natural / homeopathic remedies to give to Jordan but nothing was working. Elizabeth guided my to using the correct constitutional remedy and Jordan's immunity improved. Elizabeth got straight to the point and quickly took care of us. I recommend you choose to seek Elizabeth’s help because of her high quality service and effective results. 

Beverly Stewart

Palos Verdes, California

I am comforted I found an excellent homeoprophylaxis supervisor. I now have my children on the program and it makes confident that I am taking the proper precautions as a parent to assist with their health and safety.

Mark Welsh

Aspen, Colorado

Elizabeth Sherwood really is a miracle Master! She has helped my family and I through many ailments. She is supportive, detailed, and very thorough with her work. When working with Elizabeth it is very clear how much she enjoys what she does and that she has a passion for homeopathy. She is well versed and always a joy to work with!

Laura Adams

Orange County, California

When I first heard of homeopathy I was skeptical as to weather or not it really worked. I had gotten the flu and, because of the way I felt, I was open-minded when a friend suggested for me to contact Elizabeth. After consuming the remedy she gave me, I immediately recovered. Intrigued, I looked further into homeopathy. I am now a strong believer in not only homeopathy but Elizabeth’s professional guidance. Now when I encounter a physical issue I know where to go. Thanks Elizabeth!

Ali Dubar

Hollywood, California

Having Elizabeth in my life has made me a healthier more confident person. I feel so safe and comfortable talking to her about anything and trusting her advice. She is my first thought when I feel something off and think "oh elizabeth will know!" She is always helpful and goes out of her way to find the best answer for me. Her influence on our lives has made all the difference in how we handle injuries, illness, and emotional distress. She truly has made our lives healthier and better.

Melanie McDaniel

Silicon Valley, California

Homeopathics have shown me how powerful they can be in several different situations from being sick to emotional turbulence. Elizabeth utilizes homeopathics with a simple and powerful ease. She took the time to understand what I need and created a safe space while listening to my background and history. I have now seen that homeopathics can help when I am not feeling well and help dispel environmental toxins. Thank you Elizabeth for all of your help!

Harry Wieting

Los Angeles, California

There are so many different choices when one is looking for a remedy. It may be a single or combination of homeopathics. I can't even begin to count the number of times I found myself so confused that I did little or nothing. 


Elizabeth has been so diligent about researching just the right combination and giving a well rounded list of suggestions to consider. She is just as competent with animals as she is with people.  My kitty was attacked and she helped her to deal with the trauma and stress, as well as her puncture wound. I am happy to report that my 11 year old cat is fully recovered and feeling like her old self again. I highly recommend using her services. 

Gretchen Stetson

San Diego, California

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                                                                                About Me

Hello my name is Elizabeth Sherwood. I am a certified Homeopath, Homeoprophylaxis Supervisor, and Reiki Energy Healer. I am trained in Bach Flower Therapy, Muscle Testing, and Tapping. I also find essential oils and herbal tinctures useful in my practice. After witnessing the efficacy of homeopathic treatment, my commitment as a homeopath has grown significantly. I would like to share my acquired knowledge and assist in creating balance and harmony with the mind, body and spirit of those in search for guidance and health.


I will be offering suggestions that will help the body be less susceptible to acute and chronic illness. I utilize natural integrative practices while offering alternative solutions for a western medical diagnosis  and if needed may work along side of allopathic practices to create a healthier and more empowered lifestyle.